Hi I'm Michael, I founded Apex Alchemy firstly and foremostly to create a solution to problems that affected me personally. At about age 10 I was put onto Ritalin to "manage" my ADHD. I spent the next 9 years of my life feeling like a zombie, a very productive zombie, but a zombie nonetheless. Ritalin did work in the short term for me, but the unfortunate reality of taking methylphenidate is that it comes with a host of side effects and contraindications that most doctors won't warn you about. For example, it's highly likely that using Ritalin will intensify anxiety symptoms. Or as a further example, if you drink caffeine while on Ritalin, there's a chance you'll develop a heart condition.

After several tests, my cardiologist informed me that I had developed an arrhythmic heartbeat from taking a medication that, I had been told from my early childhood years, I had to take daily. At that point I chose my heart health over optimising my brain. I count that as the defining moment that started me onto a path that would eventually become Apex Alchemy.

I spent several years training myself to function effectively without Ritalin, and I'm happy to say I achieved it, through a variety of methods; training myself in natural focus techniques, and exploring meditation, breathwork, psychedelic journeys and many other alternative treatments. I'd always had an interest in natural medicines, which my forays into psychedelics only heightened, so in early 2022 I started working on the development of a combination of natural ingredients that would improve my concentration, and actually improve my overall health as opposed to taking something that seemed like a toss up between a functioning brain or a functioning body.

Working with a third-party lab , we went through several stages of research and development, which resulted in the first test batch of Potentia. Which, I of course tested on myself for several months before I let anyone else near it. And I do feel like it's important to mention that I wasn't thinking about turning this into a business when I started. I simply wanted to create something that, first and foremost, worked for me.

And in the name of authenticity and transparency, that a large part of this developing into a brand is due to the fact that I personally needed this product to be available for myself. With how immensely valuable I find Potentia, how could I keep it to myself when so many other people out there deal with the exact same issues I do. Whether it be a formalised ADHD diagnosis, or just a general feeling of malaise, lack of focus and the underlying anxiety that comes with being a human in modern society.

I hope that, whoever you are, Potentia brings you the same peace and clarity of mind that it has for me. Thanks for being a part of the journey. If you have any feedback or questions don't hesitate to reach out to michael@apexalchemy.co.za

- Michael Davidson, Owner and Founder of Apex Alchemy